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HIV has become a menace within society. It is in this light that it became necessary to take urgent actions to combat this menace. We are committed to providing a framework that promotes more attention to HIV and people living with HIV.

Our Concerns

Our concerns cut across the following areas:

Wellness Programme

Persons living with HIV require a holistic approach to the management of their health. Asides medical treatment, there is a need for psychological and emotional support in light of society’s stance to people living with the disease. In turn, it becomes necessary that a wide range of actions emerge to ensure the protection of these individuals.

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HIV Blueprint

The HIV blueprint is a comprehensive, mapped out strategy for combating and bringing to an end to HIV transmission in Australia. It includes the goal of the organisation, which is ending the transmission of HIV in Australia, the effort needed.

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Capacity Building

There is no doubt that wide action is required if we must combat HIV transmission within Australia. However, if such action must result in an effective result, it is necessary for such action to get undertaken by capable individuals. This is because not just any action to get things done. This is where the capacity building becomes essential. It equips individuals and organisation with the capacity to take effective actions.

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HIV Australia

The very first case of HIV in Australia occurred in 1981, although the case was only retrospectively identified in 1994 in an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia. More cases of HIV/AIDS in Australia occurred in 1982 in Sydney, and the first death from AIDS in Australia was recorded in July 1983. In turn, Australia has adopted a bottom-up approach in response to this menace.

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HIV Prevention

HIV remains a major public health issue as it has claimed over 33 million lives globally, and there an estimated 38 million people living with HIV as at the end of 2019. This menace has done more harm than good to the human race. In turn, it is necessary that we take actions to prevent it.

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HIV Treatment

HIV treatment refers to the taking of medicines to slow the progression of the virus in the body. It involves the combination of drugs that treat HIV that is called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART remains helpful to anyone with HIV regardless of the stage of the virus or healthy they are.

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HIV and the Law

Australian laws depending on the jurisdiction, have varying ways of protecting persons with HIV. In the same vein are laws that might limit the liberties of People with HIV for the sake of curbing transmission. PLWHIV need to take note of how these laws affect them. This way, they are well aware of their right, duties, and obligations.

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